This business was started in Denver based on demand for the delivery of storage containers.  The business has steady customers who call when they need a container picked up or delivered.  The company has virtually no advertising budget, no rent, little administrative cost, and is very efficient.  The owner believe this business will prosper with a focused new owner who could give it more attention.  He went independent and started working for himself July 1, 2017. 

The trailing 12 month revenues through June 30 2020 were 187K with 84K in earnings.  The revenues for 2019 were 179K with earnings of 74K.  The company had earnings of 100K in 2018 on revenues of 201K.  The company’s profit margin is just always between 40% and 50% which means that when the owner is working they are going to net more than 40% of what they charge in profit.     

The Sales price has been lowered to 135K from 225K which includes a 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 dually 6.7 liter high output engine with aesin transmission and a 3:73 rear end that he paid 58,799 dollars for in early 2018 for and a valuable trailer.   The sales price was established by the earnings with consideration to the current market value of the truck and trailer, recurring nature of the customers, some concentration of revenues, and the profit margin.  This is an opportunity to own a company where you are your own boss, have an easy path to growth, and can build equity while you are making good money. 

The company has built a great reputation and the ability to easily grow this company with very little cost.  A new owner’s attention would increase the growth and profitability very quickly.   Further growth will come from focusing on additional marketing and advertising.

No specific experience is necessary.  The current owner can train the new owner quickly.  This will allow the new owner to focus on growing the business.  Non tractor trailer CDL OR Class A is required to operate this commercial vehicle.  

Location:  Anywhere in the Greater Denver Front Range Area