This is an equipment, truck and trailer sales, customization, and equipment rental business that sells/rents to construction companies, energy companies, ranchers, and developers.  They can find, customize, rent, or sell anything a buyer would need at competitive pricing with good margins. 

The trailing 12 months revenues through September 30 2018 were 4.1M with earnings of 781K.  The earnings should have been 1.03M after an adjustment for him being gone during peak season for 4 ½ months.  2017 had 3.45M in revenue with 798K in normally adjusted earnings.  

The Seller is motivated to sell because of a health issue and we have lowered the price and are offering a flexible way for a buyer to do this now.  There is approximately 1.87M in current value assets which is mostly heavy equipment. 

The Seller is asking for 1.7M down payment as part of a total price of 1.87M, debt free.  The buyer should be able to get an asset(Equipment) backed loan for this purchase which would get the buyer an estimated 1.3M from the bank.  The owner will be flexible to help a buyer figure out a way to make this happen by adjusting the inventory either up or down and will adjust the sales price accordingly.  

Many long-standing customers with big names along with hundreds of other long-term customers has resulted in a high percentage of recurring business. 

Equipment companies are typically “Fun” businesses to own.

The owner takes 22 weeks off a year.  A new owner will be able to grow this company by being there and focusing on growth.    

Location: Wester CO along the I70 corridor