Professional Advisors

The help of professional advisors, such as CPA’s, tax attorneys, financial planners and more, can be of enormous benefit to the seller, and can help the owner and their company get in a very good position when it comes time to sell. Working with a team of trusted professionals can help to make the preparation and transfer of ownership easier, on more beneficial terms, and ultimately generate a higher sales price for the owner.

Finance Ability

If you’re looking to obtain the max amount of your sale proceeds in the form of cash, says, it’s important to make your business financeable. This can best be accomplished by having your records accurately reflect your company’s income, expenses and more, and the best way to do this is through a CPA. We recommend a detailed financial tracking system like QuickBooks combined with either compiled or reviewed financials by a CPA.

You’ve worked extremely hard to build your business, though you need to ensure that the right employees are in place to give potential buyers confidence in a successful ownership transfer once the deal is finalized. Your company may be more valuable if it is your staff, not you, that is the driving force behind your company’s successful operation before listing it for sale.
Don’t move the business, over spend to try and save money in taxes, turnover key employees, etc. right before trying to sell your business.
Don’t wait to sell your business until you have slowed down or start losing interest. A Businesses ‘Trend’ is an important part of the valuation process. Most buyers and banks use a three year time weighed approach to value your business and don’t care how your business was doing four plus years ago. A positive trend will not only get you more money but a much higher probability that it sells.

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