On October 8 2020, the sales price on this business has been lowered another 300K.  The current price is 650K for the dispensary plus inventory estimated to be 90K and 1.15M for the building plus the 137K they have spent on the buildout for the phase II grow operation which has not been used yet.  These must be bought together because the dispensary is profitable and in the same building as the grow operation.

Once you submit the NDA in the link below, as long as you have a net worth over 1M, I have been given permission to send you the Detailed Sales Package which includes Full Financials and a Video Walk Through of the Facility and Interview of the Owner. 

Unique Premier Indoor Grow operation opportunity in historic southern Colorado front range location one block from I25 in Las Animas county.  Absentee owner opportunity with a repeatable compliance and quality model.

This business has a turn-key cash-flow positive retail store, and a premium indoor grow operation that has already been built out for a tier 1 grow operation, with phase II expansion 80% complete.  The building is over 23,000 square feet and retail operations take up only 1,500 square feet.  The building has the perfect environment for an indoor grow operation, including fully insulated walls and 23ft high ceilings for a potential of a 2nd level.  By adding s 2nd level, the total indoor grow operation could be approximately 35,000 square feet. The electric equipment and capacity have been upgraded. 

Discriminating growers have a unique opportunity to grow at a much lower cost in a premium indoor grow location compared to larger metro areas in the state.   The building has indoor(covered) truck bays, semi-truck capable for the secure loading and transporting of products.  Skilled labor is readily available and at a reasonable cost in their market. The market conditions in this location are favorable and boasts one of the highest per-capita sales of cannabis in the state.

The price for the retail operation is 650K plus inventory which is worth approximately 90K.  The building is being offered at 1.15M plus the 137K in phase 2 buildout they have not used yet.  The seller will not sell one without the other being sold. Although it is still illegal for banks to provide financing for either the business or real estate with a cannabis operation inside, there is private financing available for both the building and the dispensary and it is only slightly more expensive than a bank loan.

The Owner states: “The business includes a turn-key cash-flow positive retail store, and premier indoor grow operation that are perfectly suited for an absentee owner/group.  In the highly regulated and compliance driven market, the business has the staff, standard operating procedures, process and policies necessary to meet the changing needs of the Colorado cannabis industry.  This also includes the key employee’s, of the demanding recreational and medical grow operation.  Staffed positions include:  Retail store manager, compliance officer, operations manager and master grower.  A new owner will be able to oversee the managers, grow this company, etc., as an absentee owner.   The current owners spend a great deal of time traveling outside the state and can successfully manage the business operations remotely.” 

The grow operation has been described by a City Council member as the “Gold Standard” in the cannabis business in the City.  The company has gone to great lengths to ensure they have a grow operation that not only meets the discriminating needs of the cannabis consumer but to develop a growing model that can be duplicated to ensure consistent high-quality results.   Given the healthcare background of the owners, exceptional details have gone into the design, equipment, standard operating procedures and growing conditions at the business.  Including maintaining all grow operation employee contaminate mitigation and all grow and work space and standard operating procedures similar to a clean-room environment. These include, epoxy floors, sealed grow and work areas, air quality management plan, heat and humidity control, use of all organic materials, dedicated employee locker room, segregated inventory area and rigorous maintaining and cleaning of all grow operations surfaces and equipment,  This has led to consistent state mandated lab results, and phenomenal grow yields 2.6 – 3.0lbs per light and great potency THC results.  The grow operations has partnered with certified lab upon inception to ensure consistent results through on-going review of standard operating procedures and regular on-site inspections to ensure the integrity of product of the grow operation.

The cannabis business is well-known and established in the industry and market a wide selection of medical and recreational products from the largest brands in Colorado.