When you choose Businessbrokercolorado.com to sell your company, your choosing a professional that adheres to a proven and well-structured process that works.

Everything begins with a free valuation and initial assessment meeting which is conducted to review your objectives and goals, your company’s market value, and the selling process itself.

Jeff Eisnaugle will offer a complimentary business valuation, which includes an analysis of the financials and other factors related to your business. This includes finding all of the owner benefits to be added back to the earnings, researching and applying the proper industry multiple. The results of this valuation should help you determine if it’s best to hold onto or to proceed with a sale. If you elect to sell, he will answer questions, explain the process and offer a representation agreement.

Businessbrokercolorado.com is strongly committed to taking your company to market just as soon as an agreement is reached on your company’s pricing and preferred transaction structure.

Jeff will make sure an effective marketing strategy is put into place. This includes an effective ‘teaser’ that is provided to prospective buyers that don’t have any information that will identify your company. When buyers express an interest in the teaser, he will then secure a Non-Disclosure Agreement, ‘NDA’. Once an acceptable NDA agreement is in place, he will deliver the full sales package and follow up with a phone call.

Businessbrokercolorado.com understands how important confidentiality is to sellers.

Jeff will manage the marketing of your company so that friends, employees, vendors, and competitors will not find out that you are for sale. He will provide you with skilled, experienced, professional representation at the negotiation table. He brings real ‘deal-making experience to build a strong bridge between the buyer and the seller. His goal is to work with all parties involved to structure the deal that results in the maximum benefits for every business seller we serve.

As we know, the buyer will conduct due diligence which will provide them with all the information needed to make sure your company is the right fit for them. This is a critical stage, which is why Jeff’s skill and experience will provide both the buyer and seller guidance throughout this process. He is an experienced intermediary which is critical to resolving any last-minute differences to help ensure a successful close to the transaction.

Business owners choose Businessbrokercolorado.com because of the structured and proven process, which includes:

  • The Initial Assessment Meeting
  • Learning and Agreeing on the Seller’s Goals and Objectives
  • Determining Your Businesses Current Market Value and Your Preferred Deal Structure
  • The Development of a Custom Marketing Plan

Jeff will work to create a transaction that delivers the maximum benefits and best results to every client.

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