An Accurate Business Valuation is an Important First Step

Performing a professional business valuation is both an art and a science, simply because no two businesses are the same; even if those two companies share a common industry. There really isn’t a single business valuation formula that can be used to value all companies.

Jeff at uses a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to business valuation, which includes considering multiple factors such as:

  • Economic Environment
  • Your Company’s Financial History and Trend
  • Hard Asset Fair Market Values
  • Applying Methods used by both Banks and Private Equity
  • Industry Comparisons and Multiples
  • Current Ownership Capabilities and Compensation
  • Required Training and/or Licensing of the New Owner
  • History of Concentration of Revenue Sources
  • Competition
  • Seller Non-Compete and Agreements for Consultation
  • Estimated Working Capital Needs
  • Location

After taking the time to evaluate the factors listed above, Jeff will choose the best method to apply.

Whether it’s a partnership buyer-seller agreement, estate planning, divorce, a professional business valuation is a critical step for your business sale. Jeff will create a FREE detailed business valuation for every potential seller.

When you choose to perform a business valuation for your business, you can be confident in the knowledge that your valuation is being handled confidentially by an experienced business broker.

Choosing Jeff to perform a complete business valuation includes:

  • A Comprehensive Valuation that considers many factors
  • An Explanation of the Method Used and Why
  • A Lot of Experience
  • An explanation as to how various banks, buyers, and groups value businesses also

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