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Denver Solar Sales Company Representing No Money Down Solar and other Energy/Money-Saving Products. 51% Net Profit Margin, Big Equity Building Potential.

This Denver business has a 51% net profit margin, has 2 owners with one almost entirely absentee, and one who works 15 hours a week who will consider staying to help grow the business as a sales manager/trainer for up to one-year post-closing.  No professional license required.  This is a sales and fulfillment model that they have created for increasingly popular “Green” products.  This model works and the business can be expanded in Denver and opened in other markets.

This business has gone from zero to 1.18M in revenue over the last 19 months so quickly.  One of the owners is not comfortable with the next steps for the business. The one owner who is in charge of the sales process, hiring, and training believes he can be important in the transition and future of the business and will help longer-term and will even consider keeping some ownership however the new buyer wants him. They are selling because they are not corporate type personalities and this company should be adding more employees, locations, markets, products, and will need more of a business-oriented person going forward to manage a larger operation.

Keep in mind that they made over 600K on their bottom line by selling less than 130 packages over the last year.  There are millions of homes that could benefit from this program.  There is huge upside potential to this business especially with the expected incentives coming from the new President.

This company has many modern and valuable pieces:  A profit margin of 51%, products that are increasingly popular and are green that can save people money, salespeople who are all subs working remotely, easy to grow model, and one of the two owners willing to stay and work for as long as the new owner wants him to make sure the new salespeople/managers are properly trained and new markets successfully opened.  Since a buyer will not be able to get SBA bank financing currently because they don’t have a full year of a tax return yet, we have decided to lower the price of this to only 1.6 times their 610K in trailing 12 months of earnings which is now a sales price of only 975K.  A new buyer can use their own equity in their home, other properties, another business, or borrow money privately to get the down payment. They will carry 43% of the sales price and one of the owners will stay on OR will consider keeping some ownership and work long term, both indications of their confidence in the future of this business.  This means that the sales price is now 975K with a 550K down payment as part of that price.

This company is well established with a great reputation including a 4.8 stars Google Rating with 96 reviews and has an A+ BBB rating which is very valuable to a new owner who wants to grow this company.  This is very valuable to a new owner = the heavy lifting is done to position this company for future growth.

They are a Solar & Energy efficiency dealership which means they are responsible for the lead generation, follow up, setting appointments, running and selling appointments, customer service, and the main point of contact to the end of the project.  They sell solar panels and also offer many energy-efficient products, which pay for themselves over time, products like insulation, Nest Thermostats, and solar-powered Attic Fans.  Because Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine Solar is a no-brainer purchase all year long. They provide a program whereas they waive and cover all of the upfront costs for permitting and installation of the solar, insulation, and attic fan project. The program is zero(0) down for a homeowner, which allows them to pay the same or less than what they are currently paying with their utility company for energy.

The perfect time to buy this company is January because it will give the new owner time to learn the business, add products, and plan for 2021 before the peak season.

New salespeople are easy to find and train based on their model because of the amount of money they can make for themselves and for the company. They have created and have automated systems & processes in place to book appointments directly to a manager’s calendar. The hiring systems have been created to vette personalities that would have a high likelihood of success in sales.  The onboarding processes are fully automated with training videos and curriculum to take someone brand new at sales and provide them a foundation of skills to work with. This is a great model to grow much larger very inexpensively and to build equity for the new owner.

Denver High-End Outdoor Lighting & Audio, Design, Sales & Installation Franchise, 45% Profit Margin, Turnkey, No License Required, Solid Customer Base, Relocatable.

This business sells and installs high-quality, low-voltage outdoor lighting for high-end residential homes and commercial properties.  They recently added holiday lights and decorations to their products and services, which has become a highly profitable endeavor with the potential for massive growth.  It has a 45% profit margin that partners with a well-run and supportive franchise.  No professional licenses for the owner or for employees is required to operate this business.  The outdoor lighting business is in a position for extraordinary growth in the expanding Metro Denver area.

This business adjusted trailing 12 months earnings through September 30th were 196K from 448K in revenues.  It is priced at less than 2.25 times the trailing 12 months earning at only 435K.  This business qualifies for an SBA bank loan.

This company has a lot of things that buyers love: Recurring revenue from referrals and an annual maintenance program for existing customers; franchise manufactured and warrantied products; and potential add on sales areas like water features, landscaping, etc.  The seasonality of this business allows the owner to take approximately 2 months off each year from mid-December to mid-February where they will have the opportunity to ski or get warm somewhere else.  The Franchisor has recently added outdoor audio products that is easy to upsell during the outdoor lighting sales process.  Plus, it can recommend and partner with hardscaping, water features, and landscaping companies in order to receive profit sharing and/or referral fees.

He has owned this franchise for 10 years and established a great reputation with 4.7 stars, a Google rating with 38 reviews, a 5-star Yelp rating, and has an A+ BBB rating which is very valuable to a new owner who wants to grow this company.  He also has a marketing page with a link that goes to his website on Facebook.

Highly Rated Denver Moving Company, Relocatable, Very Busy, Lots of Repeat Business with Loyal and Skilled Employees.

This business has many long term workers, has some recurring revenues from storage facilities and previous customers, no advertising or marketing other than a website, a great reputation with a 4.8 star Google rating with 52 reviews.  They have a lot of referrals from customers and have realtors who refer them to customers.  They are centrally located just North of Denver Metro.  They are respected in their community, family-oriented and have a great website.  Their online ratings are very valuable to a new owner who wants to advertise.

The trailing 12-month earnings to June 30 2020 was 233K from revenues of 588K.  His 2019 earnings were 203K from 553K in revenues.  The business has shown steady 10% growth or higher growth including 2020.  This business is priced less than 2.25 times its trailing 12 months earnings at 525K.  The earnings would have been higher without COVID 19 but I have no way of accurately adjusting for this.  In other words, he believes he would have made 10% more than he shows if COVID 19 had not happened.

This is a great opportunity based on many factors: 4.8-star reputation online which is very high for a moving company, loyal and very skilled employees, very little need for advertising at its current growth rate which can be increased, and a very easy business model to continue to grow which is already growing ‘organically’ at over 10% a year (he has no salesforce or advertising).  The buyer can add a salesperson paid mostly by the commission who can call on realtors, new home builders, storage units, apartment managers etc, ‘wrap’ their trucks in advertising, spend more money on SEO, buy/lease an additional truck, expand their territory, charge more, etc.

Their current lease ended June 30 2020 and is now month to month for a building and property located North West of Denver.  The owner has a great relationship with the landlord and the new owner can have a lease of any length they want or can mover the location.  It includes 113 sq ft of office space and 1200 sq ft yard space with a shed.  The lease is 950/mo plus he pays for trash removal.

The sales price is 525K. The main company is an S Corp and this can be either a stock or an asset purchase.

13 Year Old Masonry Repair Company that also Works on Historic Buildings, Very Busy, Turns Down Work, Can be located Anywhere in Colorado

The owner has chosen to semi-retire and travel 3 to 4 months per year and turns down work every week. He states that the new owner can take on more of the work that is offered to him returning to the revenues and earnings that the company did just 3 years ago.  This is a unique opportunity because of the amount of work and size of work that the seller turns down.  He will stay for as long as the new owner would like him to.  He enjoys the work.

The current year to date numbers through Sept 30 2020 was 143K on 337K in revenue and he believes they will finish the year at 500K with 200K in earnings or more.  The price of the business is only 2 times the current earnings of 200K at 400K plus a small earn out.  The sales price is actually less than 1 times what the business was earning 3 years ago before he voluntarily basically closes the business for 3 to 5 months a year.

He states that he is being offered enough jobs to work year-round, and that his employees would prefer to work all year.  He estimates that he has turned down over 3M in work over just the last 3 months including a very large multiyear job.

The company has mostly recurring revenues.  He has chosen to keep the business around 475K in revenues by design over the last 3 years.  A new owner can easily grow this business in many ways including just saying yes to more work, doing work in Denver which he has refused in the past, by doing other types of masonry work, advertising their reputation through Google, etc on the internet through restoring their website or creating a new website, by hiring more employees, and by doing new construction.  He has created a solid base for future sales and growth.

The owner travels to job sites and works out of his home office in the mountains which could be anywhere in CO.  The owner being able to work from home is one of the reasons the profit margin is so high.

The Sales Price is 400K plus an earn-out which gives him a chance to get 550K total.  The sale includes all assets and no construction experience is necessary by is preferred.

16 Year Old Mostly Commercial Cleaning Company Specializing in Construction Site Cleaning but also cleans Medical Offices, Window Cleaning, Move In/Out, Floor Maintenance and Apartment/Commercial Buildings

The cleaning business was started in 2003 by her.  The company specializes in construction site cleaning both during and after construction.  They clean virtually all types of construction sites and also offer debris removal.  They clean the entire site including but not limited to vacuuming, debris removal, windows, rough clean, ventilation, walls/floors/ceilings, fixtures, appliances etc.  There is a lot of cleaning that takes place on construction sites from the original demolition/ground breaking to the “final clean” which is often a year or longer after their construction clean.  They provide services for regular office cleaning including medical offices, window cleaning, move in/move out, various floor maintenance/cleaning, and apartment/commercial buildings.

The first 6 months of revenues for 2020 were 153K with earnings fo 77K.  2019’s revenues were 375K with 127K in earnings.  2020’s earnings are trending 25% higher than the same period for 2019.

COVID 19 has not hurt her business which is considered an essential business because they are helping to keep things clean and mostly work for the construction industry that is mostly still working also.  They don’t have the training or equipment for official COVID 19 cleaning for medical facilities but a new owner could get it and start a medical side/commercial/residential COVID 19 cleaning service.

The company is run from the home of the owner and the only assets are a work van and some cleaning supplies.  This business is a great buy based on 80% recurring revnues, A+ BBB rating, and great referral from customers.

The Sales Price is 220K and includes everything.

South Front Range Premium Grow Medical an Recreational Marijuana Operation, Can be Absentee Owner, Considered the “Gold Standard” in the Cannabis Business

The Sales Price on this business was just lowered another 300K.  The current price is 650K for the dispensary plus inventory estimated to be 90K and 1.15M for the building plus the 137K they have spent on the buildout for the phase ll grow operation which has not been used yet.  These must be bought together because the dispensary is profitable and in the same building as the grow operation.

This unique premier indoor grow operation opportunity is in the historic Southern Colorado Front Range located one block from 1-25 in Las Animas county.  Absentee owner opportunity with a repeatable compliance and quality model.

The business has a turn-key cash-flow positive retail store, and a premium indoor grow operation that has already been built out for a tier 1 grow operation, with phase ll expansion 80% complete.  The building is over 23,000 sq ft and retail operations take up only 1500 sq ft.  The building has the perfect environment for an indoor grow operation including fully insulated walls and 23ft high ceilings for a potential of a 2nd level.  By adding a 2nd level, the total indoor grow operation could be approximately 35,000 sq ft.  The electric equipment and capacity have been upgraded.

Discriminating growers have a unique opportunity to grow at a much lower cost in a premium indoor grow location compared to larger metro areas in the state.  The building has indoor covered truck bays, semi-truck capable of secure loading and transporting products.  Skilled labor is readily available and at a reasonable cost in their market.  The market conditions in this location are favored and boast one of the highest per-capita sales of cannabis in the state.

The business is 5 years old and has a solid name and the finest reputation as is well know for providing only the highest quality products and knowledgeable staff.  They are in good standing with the City, County, State and MED.  They have a great record for safety (OSHA) and no legal battles.  They run a sustainable green operation where all water, soil, and plant materials are captured and recycled.

Denver Company that Delivers Storage Containers, Steady Customers, Profit Margin Between 40-50%, Can be Located Anywhere in the Front Range.

This business was started in Denver based on demand for the delivery of storage containers.  The business has steady customers who call when they need a container picked up or delivered.  The company has virtually no advertising budget, no rent, little administrative cost, and is very efficient.  The owner believes this business will prosper with a focused new owner who could give it more attention.  He went independent and started working for himself on July 1 2017.

The trailing 12-month revenues through June 30 2020 were 187K with 84K in earnings.  This is without any add back for COVID 19 which impacted his earnings from early March to late May.  He thinks the earnings would have been close to 100K.

The new owner will have many ways to grow the company by advertising, adding another truck and driver, and by the owner taking longer hauls and by working more hours.

No specific experience is necessary.  The current owner can train the new owner quickly.  This will allow the new owner to focus on growing the business.  No tractor trailer CDL or Class A is required to operate this commercial vehicle.

This can be located anywhere in the greater Denver front range.  The Sales Price has been lowered to only 125K with only 55K from the buyer at the closing.