This should be a great long term investment and an impressive and enjoyable portfolio of Fine to display at home, office, or in a museum.   You could also set up your own gallery. 

Price Reduced Again to Only 3.5M Dollars for Historically Important Museum Quality Art  

26 Large National Museum Quality Art Original large format oil paintings plus 1,100 other original fine art pieces which a recent appraisal indicated a total “orderly liquidation” value of 4.5M dollars which ironicaly we tried and could not find a buyer at that price and have decided to lower the price to 3.5M.  The Seller is past retirement age, has personal family commitments, and knows that the current market is soft so he feels forced to sell.  The Seller is known in the International Art Community and has a great reputation.  He was directly involved in acquiring each piece and has well documented proof of Provenance.

He has held onto the 26 large museum quality pieces for his personal collection based the historical and emotional impact they have had with him.  The Seller was told by a Russian art expert about 12 years ago that the main piece could be worth 8M dollars on its own and should be in the National Museum of Russia.  It could be a featured piece in a US Art Museum or the National Museum of Russia. Compare that to the value of almost every other major countries signature pieces.  The piece represents an important historical and emotional time in Russia’s history.

Russia is slowly getting the respect it deserves for its painters.  Peter the Great, 300 years ago, wanted Russia to be a part of Europe so he hired architects to build copycat European style buildings and also sent riders to bring back the worlds best painters to train Russian painters.   The art world is increasingly understanding the quality and historical important portrayed in Russian art.  Peter the Great paid the artists in gold and brought them back to what is now St Petersburg in the what is now the Repin Institute.  He also brought in military, dance, and musical experts from Europe to be paid in gold.  The point being that Russian artists are slowly getting the respect they deserve worldwide.

The seller believes that a buyer of this art collection could loan them to an art museum for an exhibit where the new owner will put their name on the collection getting recognition for loaning the pieces for the public to appreciate.  This can also help the collection appreciate in value.  Each of the large pieces represent a moment in Russian history and is part of the bigger story of the history of quality Russian art.