This business’ 2020 earnings were 186K from 417K in revenues.  Lighthouse’s earnings are up 17% compared to 2019’s earnings and on January 23rd we have also decided to lower the price to 1.9 times the earnings to only 370K.   This is a price drop right after an earnings improvement to help get this done before the season starts for 2021.  Keep in mind that this business earns 185K over just 10 months of the year.  This business will qualify for an SBA bank loan and the SBA will pay the first 6 months of payments(5% of the purchase price) and is waiving their 2.5% upfront fee also.

This business designs, sells, and installs high quality, low-voltage outdoor lighting for high-end residential homes and commercial properties. Four years ago, the business added holiday lights and decorations to their products and services, which has become a highly profitable endeavor with potential for massive growth.  It has a 45% profit margin. No professional licenses for the owner or for employees is required to operate this business. The outdoor lighting business is in a position for extraordinary growth in the exponentially expanding Metro Denver area.

The owner bought this franchise 10-years ago. He is selling because he has decided to move out of state.  He believes in the business concept and relationship with the franchise and will open the same franchise in his new location out of state.

This business is a franchise that offers new franchisees a one week training course. The franchisor provides training in the technical knowledge and products required to install and maintain low-voltage lighting systems. The new owner will also learn the principals of outdoor lighting design, marketing the business, and the sales process. This franchise comes with a wrapped ProMaster van and the basic equipment & tools required to start installing and servicing low-voltage lighting systems from the first day of ownership.

This company has a lot of things that buyers love:  Recurring revenue from referrals and an annual maintenance program for existing customers;  franchise manufactured and warrantied products; and potential add on sales areas like water features, landscaping, etc. The seasonality of this business allows the owner to take approximately 2-months off each year from mid-December to mid-February where they will have the opportunity to ski or get warm somewhere else. The Franchisor has recently added outdoor audio products that is easy to upsell during the outdoor lighting sales process. Plus, it is encouraged partnerships with hardscaping, water feature, and landscaping companies in order to receive profit sharing and/or referral fees.

There are a lot of special things about this opportunity, but nothing more important than the turnkey nature of this business. Everything is in place from a custom wrapped van and basic installation tools to marketing and sales products to easily accessed and economical products. Training in design, sales, and and the technical elements of low-voltage system installation and service is provided as part of welcoming new owners and employees to the family.  The outdoor lighting design and installation model does not require licensed employees or earning “masters” qualifications within the industry like some specialty construction companies.