Brief Overview and Deal Points:

The company performs on-site commercial fleet services, in the form of Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, 24 Hour Road Service, and Maintenance Management. We come to the customer. We service the truck at an optimum time for the customer, keeping the truck on the road during peak delivery times. The customer doesn’t have to drop off and pick up the truck, saving non productive man hours. The customer has direct access to the mechanic. There are no surprises- the customer can see the work, consult with the mechanic and be involved in the decision -making process on additional work. The primary philosophy is to become part of the customer’s team to extend the life of the fleet, freeing the customer to concentrate on moving his/her product.

They have 5 of the finest Diesel Mechanics in the region. They treat them well and they are well-paid because they do quality work for a high profit margin.  Their customers trust them and see the value in our work and approach.  They save their customers money every year in what would otherwise be very costly repairs down the road, through their preventative maintenance programs.

They have 5 fully equipped service vans. Each van is set up with an proprietary equipment package that includes

a 14 horse power compressor, air supply reel, 2 oil storage tanks and 1 recovery tank. These equipment packages are designed to make Preventative Maintenance Services clean and efficient. Each service van is also equipped with a small inventory of necessary tools that each tech will need to service our customers trucks. In addition, the techs are required to outfit their van with their own set of diesel technician tools to perform almost any repair necessary. In addition to the service vans, for repairs that cannot be done in the field, they have a 3 bay shop ideally located close to every part supply house in Denver ( allowing inventory levels at the shop to remain minimal ).

The Administrative office is attached to the shop. There are 5 work stations, allowing for significant growth. Three of the work stations are set up with computers, printers and monitors. Each computer has access to proprietary software for tracking and invoicing of customer fleets. Fleet maintenance records can be generated from this software, which is valuable tool for generating more revenue and for customer satisfaction.

location:  Denver.  The property is leased and is 5,700 square feet.  The building looks new with 3 14 foot bays, 2 of which are drive through bays.  The lease is up in February 2019 but this is a good thing since the buyer will be able to negotiate their own and might even consider swapping into a larger unit which the Seller has heard is available. The lease is currently 4,154.00 per month.

Growth and Expansion:  In the past, they have not done any sales or marketing efforts.  Their website is 14 years old.  They are expecting to continue growing in the coming years, without any significant advertising and marketing efforts. They know what kind of jobs and fleets they want and ones that aren’t as profitable.  They know the type of customers that pay on time, and the ones that don’t.  It took years to figure all this out and today they are far smarter about how to grow and expand and will teach all of this to the new owner.

Colorado is the best State in the country to own a business. Denver, the entire Front Range, and most of Colorado are among the fastest growing areas in the U.S.  The macro story for construction and overall growth is extraordinary and has been this way for the past five decades.  Even during the 2008-2011 recession, Denver fell, but it didn’t fall as hard as most of the U.S. and in the past 6 years has grown faster than almost every other major city in the U.S.  Plus, people who move here never leave.

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