The 2019 earnings were 306K on 817K in revenue which is very similar to 2017’s 305K and 2016’s 317K.  The price of the business has been lowered again to 490K which includes everything except his personal vehicles which will be removed from the balance sheet before the closing.  The sales price is ONLY just over 1 1/2 times the earnings.   The Seller will consider other offers, he wants to move on after this snow season.  

This company is well established with a great reputation and an A+ Better Business Bureau 5 star rating. They do both residential and commercial roofing.  They have mostly recurring revenues and turn down work every week.  He has kept the business around 850K in revenues on purpose.  A new owner can easily grow this business many ways including just saying yes to more work.   

This business would be easy to grow with their reputation,  new website, Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and by hiring more employees. He has created a solid base for future sales and growth.  The hard work has already been done.  

The company will have work waiting for the new owner after the closing.  The owner typically doesn’t do the work himself but had to let one employee go in December who he has not had time to replace yet.  This company’s recurring customers are mostly large well-known companies.  The majority of their work is custom high end re-roofing, repairs and maintenance.  He has decided to do very little new construction. This can be a potential growth area for new owner. This company dominates the roof snow removal business in their market. 

Location:  The owner works out of his home office.  This business can be located anywhere in the Central Mountains.  A small warehouse will allow a greater range of services and allow the company to grow.   

The Sales Price is currently 490K including all assets except personal vehicles.  No construction experience is necessary.  He will train you and stay and help for up to 4 months post closing.