The trailing 12 months from August 31 2018 had earnings 346K on revenues of 1.28M. 2017 had earnings of 308K on revenues of 1.25M. This means that this company is selling for 2 1/2 time the earnings.  The company’s top and bottom line has steadily grown.  All retailers best time of year is over the Holidays and this is no exception.  Getting this bought by November would greatly benefit a buyer and insure a great start in both profits and cash flow.  It is considered a fun business to own and gives the new owner the ability to bring in rescue kittens also.    
  They are a licensed Colorado pet store under PACFA which is the governing body underneath the dept of agriculture.  They support licensed, legal, no cruelty breeders who breed for temperament and companionship.  They must exceed all guidelines pertaining to the health, care, and well being of their animals.  They specialize in selling high quality purebred and hybrid puppies and the supplies that typically go with them.  They have good long term relationships with 5 breeders in 3 surrounding states where they buy most of their puppies and get their supplies from 2 vendors. 
   The new owner can continue to expand by either adding other locations both in or out of state, increasing inventory, adding other animals like kittens, adding additional products.  They can add pet grooming also.  The owners can help a new owner do all of this.
This business is well established and has many long-standing customers and referral relationships which means Recurring Revenue which always supports a higher multiple.  They also get a lot of repeat business and referrals.  Plus this business will not change after the sale based on their reputation and location.  They have customers that have bought as many as 4 dogs from them and many customers come back to buy the same puppy food from them so they don’t have to change brands for their dogs who love it.
The sales price was just lowered to 755K from 800K plus their cost of inventory which is currently around $45,000 and varies.  The seller is willing to carry 10% to 20% of the purchase price for a qualified buyer.  This should qualify for a bank loan with $95K which is the currently required down payment of 10% for the banks plus working capital.