This location was opened in 2015 and has continued to grow since it opened

2017’s revenues were $485K with adjusted earnings of $152K.  The revenues and earnings were up compared to the previous year.  2018 is showing numbers slightly below 2017 through June 30 2018 and we have adjusted the price down from $445K to $415K accordingly

The sales price has been lowered to 415K from $475K plus inventory which less than 3 times the earnings when 4 times earnings is a normal multiple for a National Franchise that has proven successful over time.  This is considered a turnkey Franchise that is well established in its reputation, products, and is still growing nationwide.  This is a 40 year old Franchise that offers detailed training so the buyer and/or manager doesn’t need any experience. The training does cover all aspects of the business.  Plus, there are no required licenses or certifications for the State of Colorado other than a sales tax license.

This is a perfect business for a family with younger family members that want a safe environment to work and gain many valuable experiences including managing employees, handling both cash and credit cards, managing inventory, showing up on time, etc.  Many people start their resumes in the retail or food industries.  This offers the ability to demonstrate even greater responsibilities which will help deepen a resume while teaching entrepreneurial skills that are very valuable also. 

This has a lease has 7 years left on it with excellent terms in one of the top malls west of the Mississippi. 

The buyer will get approximately $50K in current value hard assets made up of mostly equipment. The leasehold improvements cost over $200K.