North Front Range from Castle Rock to Wyoming boarder Excavating Company.  The Owner can be Located anywhere.  The current owner works out of his house.

The trailing 12 months earnings were 378K from 1.23M in revenues.  2017’s earnings were 255K from 1.03M in revenues.  

The buyer will get approximately 675K in the current value of hard assets made up almost entirely of new or well-maintained heavy equipment including 4 excavators, 4 front end loaders, 2 dump trucks, a low boy 40 ton trailer, etc.  This company has contracted work with home builders to dig the holes for entire new subdivisions which take years to complete.  These are the biggest jobs available and the most profitable since they don’t have to move their equipment around.  The company is shown business every week that they turn down in favor of these larger contracts.  The size of the assets combined with the size of the signed contracts combined with the size of future Work in Progress supports a high multiple on earnings.  This company is priced at 1.25M which is 3.3 X the trailing 12 months earnings.  Typically a company with easily to liquidate assets that make up 50% of the sales price would carry a multiple of at least 4 X the earnings.

The company has many loyal and amazing employees that have been with the company for a long time.  They also have great relationships with many home builders, general contractors, and developers.  The owner does not work in the field and still works as a commercial pilot. 

The owner wants to start a regional charter airline company and has already bought the first airplane.  He will help the new buyer and is confident that it will be a smooth transition.  The company will not change the day of the sale.  The equipment/employees are fully booked for a long time to come.