They are not a “street shop” which tends to feed off of walk in traffic, are usually bunched next to each other on Broadway or Colfax, have “dead periods” in January, February, November, etc and they tend to have average tattoo artists that work off of “flash” templates hanging on the wall.  This company is 80% destination and 20% walk in because they do “custom” tattoos.  They also have customers that come back many times some of them spending $10K to $25K over years.  They also have a very detailed website with picture of some of the artwork they have created for their customers.  

The 2018 revenues were $538,382 per the attached report from their POS software.  As you can imagine, there is another approximately 10% in additional cash that didn’t make it into the POS system.  Keep in mind that in 2017 they did 507K in revenues with 229K in adjusted earnings.  The seller said they were more profitable in 2018.  They don’t do QuickBooks and rely on their CPA to take their POS system data, bank statements, etc to create a tax return in mid to late February.  They have asked for a PL to be created also.  Keep in mind that this is priced at only $425K.  They have a daughter in the US Olympics training center in Atlanta, GA that they want to move to be closer to.  This means that this company is selling for less than 2X the earnings and maybe as low as 1 ½ times the 2018 earnings.

The earnings for 2017 were 229,667 from revenues of 507,449.  2018 is tracking almost exactly the same as 2017 through August 23rd.  They only prepare a PL once a year with help from their CPA when they have their taxes done.  They have agreed to create a PL for Year to Date numbers for a qualified and interested buyer.  In other words, 2017 was not abnormal.  It is exactly what this business will consistently do with their current employees.       

 The buyer will get approximately 60K in current value of assets made up of equipment, tools, supplies, and inventory. 

The company has a great reputation with a long-standing customer base that refers new customers to them creating a recurring revenue stream which gives them a very solid and growing base in revenues and profit which they can build off of to continue their growth.  They have grown from zero to over $500K in revenues in 8 years. 

They have 6 full time tattoo artists and one master piercer.   They have room for up to 18 tattoo artists or piercers so there is a lot of room for growth in their location.  The owners do not do any tattooing or piercing.  They just manage the shop which can also be partially done remotely because they have 8 cameras in the parlor which they can access from either their phones or computers.    

This business is doing great, growing, has happy employees, and has the ability to grow much larger.  It has the reputation, model, and solid base of customers and employees already. 

Location:  Their location is in a very high traffic area far away from competition.  They are also a very popular place for “tourist” tattoos and their location is also near a big shopping complex with a King Soopers, several banks, fast food, and about everything else you can think of.