Colorado Gold mine with patented precious metals mining claims located in a National Historic Mining District that has a 70 year-long documented production history until the early 1960’s.  This is when the mine stopped production because of fixed $35 per ounce gold prices and rising processing costs making milling at that time impractical.  Neither are currently an issue plus all geo/stability studies are current. The underground working levels are accessed through a current certified two compartment vertical shaft currently in daily use via certified cable lift mine hoist equipment and has everything a buyer needs to re-start mining operations. Property utilities in current use include City water/sewer, a 4-inch natural gas main,  on-demand  3-phase electric service, and highway access located near to a new ore milling plant.  

This mining opportunity is for serious buyers only with an expected sales price of over $10M leaving the majority of the profits for the new owner. Buyers with mining experience preferred. Once a Non Disclosure Agreement is fully filled out and signed, the location, name, and details of this opportunity will be disclosed based on the suitability of the buyer.