Location: Main St in South Denver, CO

 2018 had earnings of 98,343 on revenues of 272,690.  The sales price has been lowered to 125K which means that this company is selling for 2 times the 2018 earnings. The company’s top and bottom line has steadily grown.

 It is considered a fun business to own.  The new owner can “put their own personality” into the future inventory while continuing to expand by using some of the space that they are not using in their store. 

This business is well established and has many long-standing customers and referral relationships which means Recurring Revenue which always supports a higher multiple.  Plus this business will not change after the sale based on their reputation, inventory, and location.  They have customers that they see almost every change of season.

The sales price is 125K which includes their cost of inventory which is currently approximately 10,000 and varies a little.  The seller is willing to carry 10% to 20% of the purchase price for a qualified buyer.