The trailing 12 months revenues through July 2019 were $259K with earnings of $100K.  2018’s revenues were $271K with earnings of $114K.  The owner is absentee and lives in another state spending 15 hours a week on average on the business.  Owner has a manager who works 40 hours a week and spends 25 hours doing office work and 15 hours a week cleaning.  The owner has a system will allow the new owner to spend the majority of their time growing the business.  

This house cleaning business was started by the owner 9 years ago.  It is 90% residential with no commercial cleaning because that tends to be after hours and the owner has decided that those hours are too complicated with being absentee.  Owner has consistently maintained a client base of approximately 65 to 70 clients while working out of state and has a small office in Denver where the manager can schedule, hire, store equipment and inventory.  

This business is a great buy based on the following:  90% recurring revenues, owner does not have time to grow it only working 15 to 20 hours a week,  owner has developed a system that will allow a new owner to spend most of their time growing the business. 

Home Based Business with a small office in South Denver Area that is month to month and is not necessary

Sales Price:  The sales price is $210,000.  The sales price INCLUDES the equipment and inventory.  This means the business is priced at less than 2 1/4 times the earnings.