The company repairs, re-builds, sells, and/or services both AC and DC current electro-mechanical equipment.  They have many very long-term customers who need regular repairing and servicing of their electro-mechanical rotating and stationary equipment.

This is a tremendous opportunity with a lot of recurring revenue from well diversified long-term client relationships and loyal employees.

 A buyer will get a business that has both work in progress and work waiting to be done.  In other words, this business will not change the day of the closing.  This company’s revenues consistently come from long-term industrial and municipal clients that pay in a timely manner.

The trailing 12 Months Earnings from Oct 1 2017 to Sept 31 2018 were 360K from revenues of 1.85M.  This means that the sales price of 650K is less than 1 3/4 X the Trailing 12 Months Earnings.  This company has steadily grown at an annual rate of 6% in revenues and by over 20% in earnings.

Location:  Northern Colorado Front Range, CO

The Company is being offered for only 650K which is less than 2 X combined 2017 and 2016 Earnings.