$28M in HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT FINE ART Offered at $9M to Either Start or add to a Fine Art Gallery

15 MUSEUM QUALITY Works Ranging in Value from 8M to 250K plus almost 2000 more paintings worth between 2K and 150K each.

The Seller estimates that his entire inventory has a retail value of 28M dollars which he will offer for 9M dollars.  2000 pieces of mostly international art that are almost entirely high end oil paintings including 15 large museum quality pieces. One of the museum quality pieces the Seller has been told could be worth 8M to 10M retail on its own. 

Seller has a warehouse with a showroom in a Mountain Resort and wants to open a Gallery in Cherry Creek but is 73 and has major family commitments in Texas so he is both retirement age and has to retire. There is the potential for a buyer to make 5M to 10M worth of “net profit” over the next 5 years off of this artwork.

He is asking 8.9MM for the 28M in retail value artwork which is a great deal for a buyer BUT he knows he is not going to get a check that big at a closing so he will allow the Buyer to propose a flexible structure with him carrying almost half and/or allowing some of the art to be on consignment.   He prefers that a buyer buy or commit to the whole collection but will consider any offer that includes no less than ½ of his collection in any one sale.  He will not split it up in smaller pieces than that unless a buyer wants to buy every piece of a specific artist(s) and then that will depend on the artist and the size of the overall sale.  This will not qualify for a bank loan and he will only meet with or talk to VERY SERIOUS QUALIFIED BUYERS.  He is also open to flying in for special shows for up to 2 years, potentially keeping some ownership (keep some art), and/or will offer some on consignment.  The goal is to keeping a buyers up front cost to a reasonable number while he feels that he is secure in his retirement also.

The Buyer can market these pieces 3 ways: Gallery, Online, and through Domestic/International expositions/shows.  The Seller has a big following and will occasionally attend showings, etc to help the new owner Sell the artwork.