Important Things to Consider When Buying a Business

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Why buy a business? If you’re seeking an opportunity to boost your income, achieve personal satisfaction, and have greater control of your life, talk to Jeff at about his current opportunities or to seek his advice.

He will provide complimentary professional advice based on decades of experience. Many experienced business buyers have turned to to locate quality, established business buying opportunities that fit their professional and financial backgrounds. Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has provided expert assistance to hundreds of potential buyers and sellers.

Jeff takes pride in knowing just how many successful business transactions he has accomplished for business buyers and sellers over the years. He looks forward to matching buyers to businesses that meet their goals.

Located in Denver, our brokerage office has instant access to an extensive list of businesses currently available for purchase. Jeff will be able to recommend businesses that are a potential fit for your future plans.

The opportunity to own an established business with a solid and recurring cash flow can be rewarding. is proud to present businesses through the use of comprehensive video presentations that allow the buyer to review each offering from the comfort of their own home. This also allows the buyer to get a better feel for the seller and to see the business.

Business owners benefit from being in control of their own destiny and be involved in all of the decision-making. They can decide their own compensation while building equity in their business which can often fund their retirement or their children’s future.

A prospective buyer should consider several important factors before committing to a purchase:

  • The Opportunity to Earn What You Deserve To
  • Flexibility
  • Managing both Employees and Customers
  • Pride in the Product/Service
  • Status/Prestige/Recognition
  • Privacy

When business buyers are looking for great business buying opportunities, they should talk to Jeff at 303-905-7607 or email him at

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